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Important Only
  • 17:13:01

    According to the Ukrainian National News Agency: Odessa in southern Ukraine was attacked by a Russian attack drone in the early morning of the 23rd, killing three people.

  • 17:10:26

    SNB Deputy President: The Swiss franc has depreciated in both nominal and real terms.

  • 17:02:38

    European Central Bank survey: Inflation expectations in January were 3.3%, an increase from 3.2% in December, and expectations for the next three years remain unchanged at 2.5%.

  • 17:01:20

    Nvidia (NVDA.O) stock price stood at $800 before the market opened, an increase of more than 2%.

  • 17:00:40

    Germany's February IFO business expectations index was 84.1, 84 expected, and the previous value 83.5.

  • 17:00:25

    Germany's IFO business conditions index in February was 86.9, expected to be 86.7, and the previous value was 87.

  • 17:00:12

    Germany's IFO business climate index in February was 85.5, expected to be 85.5, and the previous value was 85.2.

  • 17:00:00

    According to the Russian Satellite News Agency: The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that at around 10:20 a.m. Moscow time, the Kiev regime’s attempt to use drones to launch attacks on targets on Russian territory was stopped. The Russian air defense system destroyed two missiles over the Kursk region. A drone.

  • 16:57:28

    Deputy President of the Swiss National Bank: If the number of ATM machines decreases and the closure of bank branches accelerates, the central bank will take action.

  • 16:56:34

    According to the Times of Israel: Lebanese Hezbollah claimed to have targeted the Israeli Upper Galilee Regional Council with a drone. The Israel Defense Forces said it intercepted an air target in northern Israel and there were no reports that the committee's headquarters was hit.

  • 16:53:55

    Australian Defense Minister: Indonesia and Australia will sign a "significant" defense cooperation agreement within months.

  • 16:53:46

    Deputy President of the Swiss National Bank: We are closely monitoring the reduction in the number of ATM machines to prevent a negative spiral in cash use.

  • 16:53:14

    Deputy President of the Swiss National Bank: Monetary policy is not affected by the decline in cash use and we do not think cash will disappear in Switzerland.

  • 16:50:00

    Germany's February IFO business climate index will be released in ten minutes.

  • 16:40:26

    Indonesia's key stock index fell 1% to 7,263.14 points.

  • 16:11:14

    According to The Times of Israel: The Israel Defense Forces said air defense forces intercepted "suspicious air targets" entering from Lebanon.

  • 16:08:00

    Standard Chartered Bank's London-listed shares rose 6.4%. The bank announced a buyback of US$1 billion in shares and an 18% increase in full-year profits for 2023.

  • 16:03:30

    According to the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, at 14:46 local time on February 23, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred in the waters near North Sumatra Province, Indonesia (0.67 degrees south latitude, 98.50 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 26 kilometers.

  • 15:58:52

    Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism: The number of foreign tourist arrivals in Turkey increased by 2.1% in January.

  • 15:58:17

    ECB Governing Council member Holzmann: I don’t think the ECB will cut interest rates before the Fed.