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Real-time News

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Important Only
  • 19:03:40

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman: The United States has made only "modest further progress" in inflation this year.

  • 19:03:29

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman: Central banks of other countries may relax policies earlier or faster than the Federal Reserve.

  • 19:03:17

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman: If the decline in inflation stagnates or reverses, he is willing to support interest rate hikes at future meetings.

  • 19:01:57

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman: It is not the right time to cut interest rates yet, and the basic outlook remains that as the policy interest rate remains unchanged for "some time", the inflation rate will return to 2%.

  • 19:01:08

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman: Inflation is expected to remain high for some time.

  • 18:50:00

    Federal Reserve Board Governor Bowman will speak on monetary policy and bank capital reform in ten minutes.

  • 18:42:09

    Market news: The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian Chief of General Staff Gerasimov.

  • 18:40:50

    Market news: The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Sergei Shoigu, coordinator of development work for the Russian military-industrial complex.

  • 18:35:55

    The Kremlin: The new round of EU sanctions is illegal and if European banks in Russia stop operating, both Western and Russian companies will be harmed.

  • 18:35:15

    Kremlin: We are preparing for the visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi, the specific date will be announced later.

  • 18:19:47

    Ukraine's M3 money supply increased by 21% year-on-year in May and rose by 1.3% month-on-month.

  • 18:06:51

    German Foreign Minister: Some members of the Israeli government are undermining their own security interests.

  • 18:05:49

    Fitch raised its outlook for Türkiye's banking sector to "improving".

  • 18:04:24

    German Foreign Minister: Germany will provide an additional 19 million euros in aid to Gaza.

  • 18:03:02

    CPB Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis of the Netherlands: World trade volume increased by 1.5% month-on-month in April.

  • 17:53:00

    Nvidia (NVDA.O) continued its pre-market gains and is now up more than 3%, having previously fallen more than 2%.

  • 17:51:42

    India's SENSEX index rose 1% during the day.

  • 17:50:03

    Trump Media continued to rise before the market opened, at one point rising by more than 14%.

  • 17:49:02

    British Conservative Party spokesman: The Conservative Party no longer supports Craig William and Laura Saunders as candidates for prime minister.

  • 17:46:21

    Market News: The EU said that interoperability and bundling issues of Microsoft products protected its market share.