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Trading Strategies

  • Skylar Shaw Nov 17, 2022 17:52

    The Best Time of the Day To Buy Stocks

    When is the ideal time to buy stocks? This is a common question, and Warren Buffet offers the most accurate response to this query

  • Alice Wang Nov 14, 2022 17:39

    What is Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)?

    For individuals involved in an M&A transaction, the moment when the contract to buy or sell a firm is signed is frequently the most memorable

  • Jimmy Khan Nov 07, 2022 16:45

    Hedge: What It Is and How It Works

    In finance, to hedge is to take an opposite position in a security or investment to balance out an existing holding's price risk.

  • Jimmy Khan Nov 03, 2022 17:54

    How to Find the Best Stocks to Day Trade

    You may trade thousands of stocks on any one day. Choosing the most active stocks each day might help you focus your thoughts.

  • Jimmy Khan Oct 28, 2022 17:15

    Trading Psychology: psychology of a trader

    One of the most rewarding personal undertakings a person may engage in is trading, according to many. This is mostly due to how difficult and time-consuming it may sometimes be.

  • Jimmy Khan Oct 21, 2022 17:10

    The Investment Banking Superday

    Superday Meaning: A Superday interview is the last stage of the process in investment banking recruitment for Analysts and Associates in North America, during which you meet and interview with 3-6 bankers over the course of many hours on the same day.

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