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Real-time News

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Important Only
  • 11:00:34

    [Market] Spot silver fell by more than 1.00% within a day, and is now at $20.82 per ounce.

  • 10:49:32

    [Market] GBP/USD fell 0.50% against the US dollar within the day, and is now at 1.1415.

  • 10:29:54

    Bank Indonesia Governor: Next year, cross-border QR payment will be fully realized among the 5 ASEAN countries.

  • 10:18:03

    [Market] South Korea's KOSPI index erased its previous 2% gain.

  • 10:14:59

    Malaysia's palm oil output in September was estimated at 1.76 million tonnes, up 2 percent from August, according to a Reuters poll.

  • 10:02:41

    Central Bank of the Philippines: Medium-term inflation risks are broadly balanced.

  • 09:56:09

    Bank of the Philippines: In the near term, upside risks continue to dominate the inflation outlook, and we are prepared to take all necessary policy actions to bring inflation back on track to our target.

  • 09:43:26

    Spreads on Asian investment-grade U.S. dollar bonds narrowed by at least 3 basis points, traders said.

  • 09:42:06

    Traders said the Asia ex-Japan credit default swap (CDS) index narrowed by about 5 basis points.

  • 09:35:58

    [Market] Spot gold fell to $1,720 an ounce, down 0.36% on the day.

  • 09:33:18

    Japan will sell 900 billion yen of 30-year government bonds on October 12.

  • 09:28:47

    [Market] Since the announcement of the New Zealand Federal Reserve's interest rate decision, the New Zealand dollar against the US dollar NZD/USD has risen by nearly 70 points, and the intraday increase has expanded to 1.23%, and is now at 0.5798.

  • 09:19:59

    Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Some members stressed that the current larger increase in the official cash rate (OCR) would reduce the likelihood of it reaching the higher required peak.

  • 09:19:57

    [Market] MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 1%.

  • 09:11:42

    [Market] The New Zealand dollar against the US dollar NZD/USD continued to rise. After the announcement of the interest rate decision, it rose by 50 points to 0.5779, up 0.80% on the day.

  • 09:08:09

    RBNZ: Wholesale funding costs are rising and bank funding conditions are expected to become less accommodating.

  • 09:06:59

    [Quote] The New Zealand dollar two-year swap jumped 5 basis points, as the New Zealand Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates further.

  • 09:06:37

    RBNZ: Members also noted a lag in monetary policy transmission and slow transmission to retail interest rates.

  • 09:06:25

    RBC: "Uncertainty" about voluntary production cuts at OPEC+ meeting, the group's "real problem" is room for further cuts.

  • 09:04:29

    RBNZ: The Committee is determined to accomplish its policy mandate.