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Hang Seng Index, ASX200, Nikkei 225: Bulls Deliver Friday Support

Jimmy Khan

Mar 03, 2023 14:49

Industry Snapshot

Asian stock markets had a positive start, with the Hang Seng Index, ASX 200, and Nikkei 225 all rising.

Despite a tightening labor market and a sharp rise in labor costs, US economic data failed to push risky assets into the red. Initial applications for unemployment decreased from 192k to 190k, and unit labor expenses increased by 3.2% in Q4 compared to Q3's 2.0%. The more aggressive Fed interest rate track to achieve goal inflation was backed by the most recent labor market data.

Bostic, a member of the FOMC, softened the impact by emphasizing the need for gradual increases in interest rates. Bostic wants to raise rates by 25 basis points later this month, allaying concerns about a 50-basis point increase.

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 both saw increases of 1.05% and 0.76% on Thursday, while the NASDAQ Composite Index increased by 0.73%. The US Futures, however, predicted a more tense Friday session. This morning, the NASDAQ mini fell by 34 points while the Dow mini lost 36 points.

Later today, the US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI data and several FOMC members' remarks may revive Fed Fear. Support for risky assets would be put to the test by a further uptick in service sector activity and a steep rise in the ISM Non-Manufacturing Prices Index combined with aggressive Fed comments. Logan, Bowman, and Bostic, members of the FOMC, will speak today.