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Real-time News

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Important Only
  • 14:34:54

    Governor of the Central Bank of Türkiye: Continue efforts to increase the rediscount loan limit for exporters.

  • 14:28:42

    [Multiple pulp futures contracts hit the daily limit] Pulp 2401, 2402, 2403, 2404, 2405, 2406, and 2408 contracts all hit the daily limit.

  • 14:27:09

    The main pulp contract (2401 contract) hit the daily limit, rising 5.99% to 5,736 yuan/ton.

  • 14:10:19

    Russia's fiscal deficit from January to November reached 878 billion rubles.

  • 14:05:46

    The Green Zone, where the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is located, was hit by multiple rockets at dawn on Friday, two sources said.

  • 13:49:19

    GBP/JPY fell to 179.56, its lowest level in two months.

  • 13:30:45

    TSMC’s sales in November were NT$206.03 billion.

  • 13:27:17

    The Nikkei 225 Index fell 2.00% during the day.

  • 13:23:24

    Honda Motor Co (HMC.N) will recall 1.1 million N-BOX vehicles due to fuel pump problems.

  • 13:08:40

    Nvidia (NVDA.O) CEO Jensen Huang will meet with the Prime Minister of Malaysia on Friday.

  • 13:01:08

    Japan's November Economic Observer Outlook Index was 49.4, compared with the expected 48.1 and the previous value of 48.4.

  • 13:01:01

    Japan's November Economic Observer Current Situation Index was 49.5, compared with the expected 49.1 and the previous value of 49.5.

  • 12:57:07

    As of December 8, the central bank's reverse repurchase rate is 3.35%, from the previous value of 3.35%.

  • 12:57:05

    As of December 8, the central bank's deposit reserve ratio is 4.5%, expected to be 4.50%, and the previous value was 4.50%.

  • 12:47:46

    India's 10-year benchmark government bond yield rose 2 basis points to 7.2565% after the Reserve Bank of India raised its growth forecast.

  • 12:44:02

    Indian Trade Minister: Peru and Chile want to speed up free trade agreement negotiations with India.

  • 12:39:36

    South Korea's KOSPI index rose 1% on the day.

  • 12:36:50

    The Indian rupee fell to 83.3375 against the US dollar from 83.34 ahead of the Reserve Bank of India interest rate decision.

  • 12:34:34

    Indian Trade Minister: Given the current capital account deficit and trade deficit, India’s foreign exchange reserves will be sufficient in the next 5-6 years.

  • 12:34:12

    India's central bank will decide on interest rates at 6.5% on December 8, which is expected to be 6.50% and the previous value was 6.50%.