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Important Only
  • 18:38:47

    Reserve Bank of India: Take action against Paytm payments bank under Section 35A.

  • 18:34:20

    ECB Executive Member Schnabel: The Transmission Protection Instrument (TPI) is a tool in the ECB’s toolbox that we hope we will never have to use.

  • 18:29:30

    According to the Kyiv Independent: The EU passed the 13th round of sanctions against Russia, targeting 106 individuals and 88 legal entities.

  • 18:15:58

    On the 23rd local time, Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson arrived in Budapest, Hungary. He will hold talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban to discuss issues such as military-industrial cooperation between the two countries and Sweden's "entry into the Treaty."

  • 18:02:28

    Dutch Central Bank: Loss of 3.5 billion euros in 2023, reserves sufficient to absorb future losses.

  • 18:01:54

    ECB Governing Council member Nagel: Inflation, including "hard core" data, will be significantly higher than 2% in the coming months.

  • 18:01:19

    European Central Bank Governing Council member Nagel: The period of rapid decline in inflation is over and there may be some setbacks in the future.

  • 18:01:01

    ECB Governing Council member Nagel: The price outlook is still unclear.

  • 18:00:54

    ECB Governing Council member Nagel: Only key price pressure data will be available in the second quarter, and then "we can consider cutting interest rates."

  • 18:00:29

    ECB Governing Council member Nagel: Even if some people find it tempting to cut interest rates, it is still too early to do so.

  • 17:56:58

    On February 23, local time, the European Council officially adopted the 13th round of sanctions against Russia.

  • 17:56:06

    Polish central bank official Wnorowski: Inflation in March may fall from 3.9% in January to 2.4%-2.5%.

  • 17:55:53

    Polish central bank official Wnorowski: The wisest approach now is to "wait and see", but does not rule out the possibility of an interest rate cut this year.

  • 17:50:19

    ECB Executive Member Schnabel: Italy has some fiscal weaknesses.

  • 17:46:29

    ECB Executive Member Schnabel: It is possible to achieve a soft landing and control inflation without triggering an economic recession.

  • 17:44:44

    Fitch Ratings: It believes that the German economy is operating below potential levels and there is room to catch up.

  • 17:44:19

    European Central Bank executive member Schnabel: The euro zone economy is bottoming out.

  • 17:42:01

    Fitch Ratings: Germany will recover from economic downturn.

  • 17:41:27

    European Central Bank executive member Schnabel said he is confident that the risk of inflation expectations de-anchoring has declined.

  • 17:40:01

    The South African rand fell more than 1% against the US dollar to 19.3975.