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The Crypto Market Tries to Buck Negative Pressure

Skylar Shaw

Mar 03, 2023 14:19


Market Image

Overnight, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies decreased 1.2% to $1.07 trillion. Since Sunday, this stage has been the center of attention, highlighting the development of the participant's abilities. The dread and avarice measure for cryptocurrencies is once again in the 50s. Since January, indifferent feelings, not dread, are mixing with times of avarice.

Even as it declines to 23k, Bitcoin still finds support, which is a remarkable outcome given the weaker dollar and the deteriorating stock market. The first cryptocurrency is still going strong and successfully battling the powerful forces that caused the Nasdaq100 to regress five weeks ago.

The 50-day moving average and the regional lows from late last week are centered around $22.7K, which appears to be a key warning mark on the road down for Bitcoin. If this support does not hold, February's positive progress will be reversed, and the next significant halt is not anticipated until $21.5K.

Between opposition in the 50-week average (near $1690) and the 50-day average (near $1600), Ethereum is trapped. A swift decline to $1400 could occur if the bears prevail in this small-scale conflict.

Stories from the past

France is about to make it harder for bitcoin businesses to obtain licenses. A new set of rules for the licensure and registering of bitcoin businesses have been passed by the nation's lower chamber of government. If the measure is approved, the modifications would start to apply in July 2023.

A uniform set of standards will be developed to boost customer trust in digital assets, according to the Stablecoin Standard group, which consists of the largest stablecoin producers.

Following the announcement of a collaboration with Meta and Telefónica as part of the Metaverse Activation Plan effort, the GMM cryptocurrency of the Gamium blockchain project increased by 650%. The two titans' collaborative initiative seeks to support and grow businesses in the Metaverse and Web3 area.