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Crypto Market Daily Highlights: BTC Delivered Market Support

Skylar Shaw

Mar 06, 2023 17:01


The bitcoin top ten had a varied practice on Sunday. XRP, BNB, and ETH suffered, while MATIC topped the list of ten. In spite of the positive session, Bitcoin missed $23,000 for the second day in a row.

On Sunday, there were no crypto-related activities to divert buyers. Dip purchasers were forced to come back from the periphery by the dearth of events. The market, however, remained range-bound and only made moderate gains as a result of investor apprehensions regarding Silvergate Bank and attitudes toward increasing legislative and regulatory surveillance.

Investors now face regulation ambiguity and greater governmental inspection, which was made easier by the reduction in Fed Fear. The G20 is attempting to implement regulation changes to fight unethical crypto practices and reduce the dangers cryptos pose to financial security in response to the fall of FTX, which has given the anti-crypto side of the debate a stronger position.

The cryptocurrency marketplaces will have a hectic week this week. With the "first-ever Senate session centered on the pressing need to clamp down on the increasing environmental effects of crypto mining," Bitcoin mining will be a heated subject on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

We anticipate learning more about FTX, Silvergate Bank, and Binance. A message to CEO CZ from US legislators last week specifically mentioned Binance. According to the letter, the site helped crooks and sanction evaders receive over $10 billion in funds.

Investors will discreetly hope that Ripple makes excellent headway in the current SEC v. Ripple lawsuit despite the increased monitoring. A win for Ripple might relieve pressure on the cryptocurrency market, especially if the Hinman Papers become public knowledge.

Investor attention will continue to be focused on the Day Ahead Binance, FTX, and Silvergate Bank reports, as well as regulation action and US legislator talk.

Prior to Fed Chief Powell's statement on Tuesday and Wednesday, investors should pay attention to what the FOMC members are saying. A bullish shift would hurt the NASDAQ Composite Index and strengthen the hands of the cryptocurrency investors. This morning, the NASDAQ mini was down 20 points.