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15 Best Stock Research Websites of 2022

Haiden Holmes

Jul 27, 2022 15:03

Research on the stock market is crucial because it enables investors and stock buyers to learn about the whole performance history of the business they intend to invest in or purchase.


If you have experience trading, you probably already realize how important comprehensive stock research is. It is one of your best tools, especially if you're a novice or intermediate investor. You might find beneficial information about the companies you want to invest in and a list of relevant companies on a reputable stock research website or service.

Even though some newsletters are free, the top ones cost between $99 and $2,995 a year. It will be well worth it if it raises the value of your investment returns. To help you choose the best website for you, we've put together this list of what we believe to be the top seven stock research websites.

What are Stock Investment Research Websites & Software?

  • Seeking Alpha

  • Morningstar Premium

  • Zacks Investment Research

  • The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

  • Stock Rover

  • Benzinga Pro

  • Yahoo! Finance

  • Seeking Alpha

3, 15 Best Stock Research Websites 

1, Morningstar

Morningstar is one of the top free stock market websites with in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and provides some amazing free stock research tools.

Unlike the Wall Street Journal, Morningstar provides free access to market news stories and research resources. You will enjoy their educational articles on how to begin investing if you are an investor. as well as their stock and mutual fund screeners and insights into tax, personal finance, and retirement planning.

Morningstar is a dependable resource for newcomers and investors looking to use free news feeds, charts, and corporate data to invest in the greatest stock market investments. Additionally, Morningstar provides a premium membership service with investment recommendations from 200 unaffiliated analysts. The premium service offers a 14-day free trial.

2. The Wall Street Journal

For all Wall Street traders, The Wall Street Journal print version ranked as the best publication. New subscribers can still purchase the Wall Street Journal in print form for $22.49 per month Today, but they can also purchase an all-access digital subscription for $4 per month for a full year.

For the purpose of analyzing equities, subscribers get access to first-rate news and research sources. The WSJ Markets research tools can also be used for charting, news, research on important market data, and stock rating information. Although the market data is delayed, if the free data is what you need, this source can help you archive your investment objectives.

3. Portfolio123

This stock research tool allows users to create and implement highly automated rule-based trading and investment strategies. Investors can effectively manage all investment decisions with the tool from a single location. It is simple to grasp with webinars and video recordings, a clear user interface, and web-based access that works with any browser.

Portfolio123 allows you to link several accounts and track different strategies across many accounts. Along with the usual performance analysis, you may also make watchlists and compare them to other benchmarks. Stock screeners and pre-configured strategies are accessible, and it is simple to design, backtest, and track new methods and scans.

4. Yahoo! Finance

One of the best free investment websites is Yahoo! Finance, which enables users to watch major currencies, follow exchange-traded funds, sort stock screener results by top gainers and top losers, and monitor corporate news.

Starting your stock research on this website is made much more fascinating by the fact that it is free to use. Their new Yahoo Finance premium offering makes more sense as your experiences progress.

5. Google Finance

The newest stock market news and prices are available on Google Finance, a free basic stock research and analysis service.

On one page, you can observe the financial market performance, the newest news and earnings calendar, and the most popular companies for research.

The headline, sources like Benzinga,CCN, and Fortune as well as the relevant stock's current price, are all included in the most recent financial news feed. This page is a terrific place to start if you want to see what is currently popular in the marketplaces because Google is the expert on what is trending.

6. Motley Fool

The Motley Fool offers a range of excellent services to help investors make better financial decisions. Tom and David Gardner founded the Motley Fool, and since its beginning, it has stood for comprehensive market analysis and top-notch research.

What are the trendy stocks? Will the stock market keep rising? The Motley Fool routinely disseminates thoughts and market information.

Additionally, their most well-liked services include Motley Fool Rule Breakers and Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Both service subscribers get a weekly stock recommendation with detailed trade entry and trade management instructions.

7. Hammerstone Markets

Hammerstone Markets is the fastest news source I've ever seen in the last 20 years. Only quick news is present; there is no clutter or elaborate items.Their newsfeed has only ever been accessible to hedge funds and other institutions. They currently provide a news feed for active traders at an extraordinarily low cost.

Hammerstone Markets is an excellent option for research on stocks and even options. It is accurate, quick, and free of advertisements. It is a wonderful complement to Trade Ideas' AI-based scanning. A.I. In the world of regular trading, Hammerstone is a little company, but among institutional investors, it is well-known. Members of the service have access to the site's first-hand information.

 8. TradingView

TradingView is the next candidate on the list of the top stock research websites, and it's a great tool for investors that value technical analysis and charting.

An API that TradingView also provides is used by numerous other finance websites. The API is used by some of the most important investment apps to include TradingView products into their platforms. A lot of other websites also include TradingView charts on their pages, including research portals like Zacks and Benzinga.

9. Benzinga Pro

Based on the TradingView engine, Benzinga Pro implemented basis charting functionalities. In their trading chat room, you can also make connections with other traders and learn about unique options trading behavior. As one of the industry leaders, Benzinga allows investors to create a trading strategy and investment guidelines for their stock portfolio. The functionalities may initially be intimidating for a beginning investor.

One of the most excellent stock news apps is Benzinga Pro, and the 14-day free trial is the ideal way to see if it's what you're looking for. 

10. Zacks Investment Research

Another website for stock research is Zacks Investment Research. They include articles on personal money as well as market and financial news.Entering a stock symbol of your choice in the box in the top right corner is the simplest way to get started with Zacks.

And after that, you can quickly see the research data. This viewpoint appeals to me the most since it is clear and organized. You can delve deeper into the research on the left, which is appropriate primarily for fundamental analysis. Zacks has recently integrated TradingView charts for technical analysis, which is cool.

They employ something that customers are familiar with and frequently use rather than developing a new proprietary charging platform. In this manner, seeing charts is possible without leaving their website. In addition, Zacks offers Zacks Premium, a stock analyst newsletter. Zacks premium's stock advisor model is comparable to Motley Fool's, emphasizing stock investment.

When you get used to it, Zacks is one of those financial websites that initially appears a bit too difficult yet offers great benefits.Therefore, my advice is to start entering your preferred stock at the upper right and working there if you are interested in stock analysis.When conducting research, Zacks is a fantastic addition to Finviz and Yahoo Finance. They also provide a subscription service called Zacks Premium. The hidden information about the pricing after the free trial is not as thrilling as their 30-day trial period, which is an intriguing offer.

11. Stock Rover

For fundamental data analysts, Stock Rover is the top website for stock research.Unlike every other item on this list, their most recent offering, Stock Rover Research Reports, extends the analysis.

One of the top stock tracking apps is Stock Rover. To track and manage all of your portfolios from a single location, you can easily connect your brokerage accounts to Stock Rover.

Stock Rover presents important financial data in an easy-to-read way. The reports may be exported as PDF files for future use and come with tables, charts, color, and other cool features.

But one of the top stock analysis software options, Stock Rover, offers more. The back-testing engine, the brokerage account connected to the portfolio analysis tool, the existing stock screeners, and custom stock screeners are all-available to subscribers.

The restricted technical analysis features and the absence of a newsfeed stand out when compared to Benzinga Pro. As a result, Stock Rover is more suited to long-term investors, while Benzinga Pro is more suited to aggressive traders.

12. Finviz

One of the top resources for free stock research is Finviz, which fundamental traders mainly utilize. For the stock market, currencies, futures, and even cryptocurrency, Finviz offers an enormous amount of free data.

Since more than ten years ago, Finviz has offered the majority of its features without charge. Although their advertisements can occasionally be a nuisance, the ratio of adverts to the provided free features is reasonable. Finviz still appears the same whether you time-travel ten years in the past.It is an easy-to-use investment website with data on fundamental stock analysis and stock scanning. Enter the ticker for your preferred stock to get a tonne of great functions quickly.

On the home page, you can see their top lists for the day, including the Top Gainers and Top Losers, as well as some technical analysis scan results for double tops, channel moves, and support- and resistance alarms. The offer is completed by news from outlets like Market Watch and Bloomberg. Finviz is among the top investing websites, in my opinion.

13. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is one of my top recommendations for the most significant websites for stock research and market analysis. 

The full stock research capabilities offered by Seeking Alpha Premium features include peer comparisons, ratings, financial data, SEC filings, news releases, dividend grading, and more. 

Seeking Alpha excels at illustrating data in tables and charts.The Author's Ratings, Factor Grades, and Seeking Alpha Quant Ranking are unique. The investor can quickly identify the most important critical details. Additionally, users can upload special notes and assets to the VIP portfolio.

In-depth business financials, the stock rating screener and the premium article area are all accessible to premium customers. Even your broker can be connected to your Seeking Alpha account.The advantages are so numerous that I've made the decision to write a thorough Seeking Alpha review that examines every aspect of the premium subscription in depth.

Taking advantage of their 14-day free trial is the easiest way to get started. After starting the free trial, sign in and select "Explore Premium Features" from the menu in the lower right. The ideal place to begin learning more about all aspects in a short amount of time is with this guided tour.

What to Look for in Stock Research Websites

You must conduct an unbiased evaluation of services because stock research will be essential to your success as an investor. We evaluate the services we've listed using the following criteria:

Cost: Because the cost of stock research services can range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars, we're going to start here. Make sure the service fee you are paying is appropriate for the size of your portfolio.

Market analysis: Other factors are involved in investing outside the businesses or funds you may be considering. You'll need a reliable and ongoing perspective on the state of that market because each company or fund is affected by the overall market or its specific industry sector.

Investment equipment: Regardless of your degree of investment knowledge, tools like screeners and watch lists are helpful. You may count on them to help you maintain track of your current assets and starting to focus on new ones when they come up.

Regular updates: Information is one of the most crucial elements you pay for when using any financial resource. In investing, news and information change quickly, so you'll need to stay updated on your assets.

Multiple plans: Free plans are available from several research providers, which are ideal for novice and modest investors. However, as your investment activities progress, you'll probably want to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan. Thanks to the provider offering different plan tiers, you will have that possibility. It is crucial since, even with a free service, you'll probably want to stick with the same provider to maintain continuity if you get used to it.

How to Use Stock Market Research Websites Efficiently?

The process of using the top stock market websites is essentially the same whether you choose to start with free stock research websites or use their premium counterparts.

Establish your financial objectives and budget before you begin. What are your objectives, and how much money can you afford to spend each month? Do you wish to take advantage of compounding's power or are you short-term focused?

The most important financial KPIs are those that relate to long-term growth in your investing strategy. Nearly all of the tools indicated in the list above include those details.

Earnings per Share (EPS)

The total earnings are divided by the number of shares to arrive at the measure known as earnings per share. You can use a variety of techniques to filter stocks based on this important monetary statistic. 

If you choose EPS as the leading indicator, for instance, you can sort all S P 500 stocks by EPS to determine whether investing in them is worthwhile. 


This key figure answers the question much money comes into a company by selling a product.

Net Income

Revenues are good, but a positive net income is even better. A good net income proves that the company strategy is good and can make money with its products.

Market Capitalization

The market capitalization as a whole can be inferred from the number of shares multiplied by the share price as it is today. The market capitalization of four companies—AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, and GOOG—currently exceeds $1,000 billion.

Earnings Date

Earnings frequently cause market volatility, particularly when the corporate outlook deviates from expectations in the market. Knowing the earnings dates will be helpful if you plan to hold your stock picks for a short period of time. When owning equities for a long time, an investor may desire to rebalance their portfolio if the outlook for the firm materially changes.

6, Final Words

The top stock research websites give investors access to research reports, stock screening tools, portfolio analysis tools, and business news to help them decide which stocks are the best ones to buy at the moment. Free tools can frequently deliver the insights required to create and manage a portfolio. The due investigation is crucial, and by examining equity markets, stock analysis websites assist in identifying the finest stocks and index funds.

Platforms for stock research frequently include extra features like stock screeners and charting tools. The finest investment tools allow anyone to study a company's finances, so investors do not necessarily need a stock advisor or Robo advisor.

Before purchasing a subscription to a different tool, investors and even swing traders consider evaluating the features of their trading platforms, such as those connected with Trade Stationand E*Trade Pro. It guarantees utmost effectiveness. The best research tool is worth more than the free stocks some brokers give.