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USD/CHF reaches 0.9500 as China's anti-lockdown demonstrations prompt a risk-off posture

Alina Haynes

Nov 28, 2022 14:54

 截屏2022-11-28 上午10.37.18.png


After dropping close to a crucial support level at 0.9440 during the early Asian session, the USD/CHF pair struggled to rebound. Increasing individual protests against anti-Covid locking initiatives have produced a trend of risk aversion on the global market, which appears to be bolstering the attempted recovery.


The asset is trading near 0.9480 at the time of writing and is expected to remain under the influence of bulls as the US Dollar index (DXY) exhibits strength. The USD Index is approaching 106.23 and attempting to surpass 106.42, a two-day high. The heightened likelihood of a catastrophic economic slump as a result of China's households' road protests against Covid-19 limitations has raised the appeal of safe-haven investments.


10-year US Treasury yields remain below 3.70 percent as the Federal Reserve (Fed) seeks to suspend the larger culture of rate hikes in order to reduce market risks and evaluate the progress made by Fed policymakers to date.


The earliest estimates of the United States' Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be crucial for future forecasting. The economic data for the third quarter is predicted to remain unchanged at 2.6%. This may keep the dollar in control, but it will not assist Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell in achieving price stability. Despite tough policy measures, persistent growth rates indicate sustained retail demand, which prevents inflation from declining as predicted.


Regarding the Swiss franc, investors look forward to Tuesday's GDP report. It is projected that quarterly economic data would remain constant at 0.3%. While annual growth rates are expected to decline from the previously predicted 2.8% to 1.0%,