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12 Best Robotics Penny Stocks for Investors to Buy

Daniel Rogers

Nov 11, 2022 18:57

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The robotics industry is increasing at a phenomenal rate, and the price of the computer power required for these mechatronic devices is reducing daily. The enhanced computer power and data-handling capabilities of mechatronic devices allow them to do previously inhuman actions. Numerous industries, including the healthcare, logistics, and automobile industries, are being disrupted by robotics, generating enormous opportunities. Therefore, investing in robotics stocks is more crucial than ever.


Research projects that the global robotics market will expand at an annualized rate of 22.8% over the next ten years. It will reach $214 billion by 2030 as demand for industrial robots increases and enterprises improve their technological prowess.


Changing consumer needs are pushing innovation in the robotics industry. For instance, artificial intelligence has significantly improved human-robot relations by allowing for more effective collaboration. The increasing application of robotics to labor-intensive jobs is fuelling demand for this equipment. Let's explore seven of the leading needle-movers in robotics that deserve investment at their current prices.

A Review of the Robotics Sector 

Robotics is an engineering and science subject that includes, among others, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, and computer science. Robotics studies the design, production, operation, and application of robots and the computer systems utilized for their control, sensory feedback, and data processing.


These technologies are used to construct machines capable of replacing people and mimicking their actions. Robots can be utilized in numerous contexts and for multiple purposes. Nevertheless, most robots are used in dangerous environments (such as bomb detection and defusal), manufacturing operations, and situations where humans cannot survive (e.g., in space). Even though robots can adopt any form, some are made to resemble humans. This is intended to increase the acceptability of a robot capable of mimicking human behavior. These robots mimic all human abilities, such as walking, lifting, communicating, and thinking. Numerous robots manufactured today are bio-inspired, contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics.


The concept of designing machines that can function independently dates back to antiquity, but research into robot functionality and potential applications grew substantially in the 20th century. Numerous academics, inventors, engineers, and technicians have believed throughout history that robots will one day be able to emulate human behavior and execute human-like tasks. As technology continues to improve, robotics is a rapidly increasing discipline; the study, design, and manufacturing of new robots have a variety of domestic, industrial, and military applications. Numerous robots are built to perform hazardous activities, such as defusing explosives, searching for people in unstable ruins, and exploring mines and ships. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) also uses robotics as an instructional tool. Robotics is an engineering subfield dealing with robots' conception, design, production, and operation. This field is interdisciplinary and combines electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

Top 12 Robotics Penny Stocks to Purchase Immediately

1. ReWalk Robotics Ltd. (RWLK)

ReWalk Robotics' robots are designed exclusively for persons with physical restrictions that make walking difficult. Using robotics technology, assists those who have difficulty walking due to strokes, spinal cord injuries, or other conditions.


With the aid of severe robots, individuals with these conditions may discover a new lease on life. Future robots from the company ReWalk may make it easier for individuals with severe mobility impairments to live regular lives.


Despite ReWalk's latest poor earnings report, industry analysts remain hopeful about the company's future. The FDA in the United States has just designated one of its devices as a "breakthrough device."


The statement momentarily increased the share price of ReWalk. ReWalk's stock price must maintain this growth rate to continue its ascent.


The company's revenue for the second quarter of 2022 increased to $1.6 million from $1.4 million in the second quarter of 2021. The rise is due to more ReWalk Personal 6.0 devices being sold in Europe and more goods being distributed in the United States.


The gross margin declined from 51% in the second quarter of 2021 to 48% in the second quarter of 2022. The drop is primarily attributable to rising freight and service-related costs.


The balance sheet of ReWalk Robotics is relatively healthy and has a positive cash flow and no debt for the past few quarters.


ReWalk must improve its top line to sustain a rising stock price. ReWalk is a robotics penny stock to keep an eye on because of its strong financial condition and recent FDA clearance.

2. Microbot Medical Inc

Microbot Medical, Inc. focuses on micro-robotics-assisted medical solutions for minimally invasive surgery.


With its ViRob, TipCAT, and CardioSert micro-robotic technologies, the company is creating a Self-Cleaning Shunt to treat hydrocephalus and normal pressure hydrocephalus; a revolutionary self-propelled and semi-disposable locomotive device to treat tubular lumens in the human body (including the colon, blood vessels, and urinary tract); and a combination of guidewire and microcatheter technologies used for endo.


As of April 23, 2019, their global patent portfolio comprised 32 granted patents and 19 pending applications. In 2010, Microbot Medical Inc. made its home in Hingham, Massachusetts.

3. UiPath (PATH)

UiPath (NYSE: PATH) provides robotic process automation (RPA) services that can be successfully integrated into an organization's IT infrastructure in order to accomplish routine tasks such as invoice processing, customer onboarding, and data entry. It is expected to increase at an incredible 38.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2022 and 2030, making it the industry leader.


The current macroeconomic climate has hampered firm growth rates. In a more favorable environment, however, it is anticipated that top-line growth will increase while gross margins remain in the mid-to-high-80s. Strong margins provide the business with significant pricing power. In addition, it has $1.72 billion in cash, enabling it to continue expanding and investing in its business in order to generate returns in the multibagger range by the end of the decade.

4. Asensus Surgical Inc

Asensus Surgical Inc is a medical device firm specializing in designing, producing, and selling minimally invasive surgical robotics.


The Senhance System is a multi-port robotic surgery system that enables multiple robotic arms to control equipment and a camera. The SurgiBot System is a robotically augmented, single-port laparoscopic system.


In several countries, including Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and a few others, the company distributes its products directly and via distributors. 2006 saw the establishment of the company's headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina.

5. Viomi Technology Ltd. (VIOT)

China-based Viomi Technology develops Internet of Things–enabled technology and manufactures a variety of robot vacuum cleaners. Viomi Technology has developed numerous innovative home appliances and computer programs, including intelligent refrigerators, speakers, and printers.


Chinese consumers can quickly obtain these things by accessing their official website or mobile application. Mi, a prominent player in the Chinese consumer electronics market, is also a partner.


Even though robots are most commonly associated with factories and other workplaces, they also have numerous potential applications in the home. Vacuum cleaners with robotic arms are only the beginning of how Viomi may utilize robotics.


Over the previous six months, the share price of Viomi has been highly stable. After launching a stock repurchase program in October, the company's share price rose, but the increase has since been wiped.


Currently, Viomi has a terrible price-to-earnings ratio. The stock may be a bargain in light of the company's most recent earnings report, and Unreported earnings during the third quarter of 2021 could significantly impact the stock price.


Moreover, according to its most recent financial report, Viomi's gross margin is increasing, indicating that the company's financial health is strengthening. Indicative of investor optimism, Viomi's gross margin has improved by 1% yearly since 2019.


Investors should keep a close eye on Viomi Technology as the firm continues developing new products and growing its partner network. The company has considerable market potential in robotics, and its stock price may soon reflect this.

6. iRyhthm Technologies (IRTC)

IRyhthm Technologies (NASDAQ: IRTC) is a medical equipment manufacturer whose Zio heart rate monitor is well-known. It is a sophisticated heart monitoring device that streamlines remote monitoring and data collection significantly compared to prior approaches. The company claims that its device enables healthcare professionals to use big data to improve the health outcomes of cardiac patients.


The company's recent performance has been good, notwithstanding a drop in the fourth quarter of 2021. If the company can integrate telemedicine and cloud health with cardiology, its future top-line margins will remain double-digit. In order to increase its market share, the company also plans to manufacture new products, such as the Zio Watch, and improve its present products and services. Its stock is currently down more than 40 percent from its all-time high of $250, providing long-term investors with an ideal entry point. Therefore, it is one of the best robotics stocks to buy.

7. Nvidia

Semiconductors are the essential building blocks of all technology, and Nvidia has become a leader in this industry; its revolutionary circuitry designs enable robotics and other high-end computer operations.


Nvidia GPUs accelerate the rate at which computing units, such as data centers, personal computers, and small Internet of Things (IoT) devices, can process data. For a complex system such as a robot, computing speed is crucial. The "Jetson" range of modules manufactured by Nvidia is just one example of the company's efforts. Jetson devices loaded with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software are utilized in various applications, such as industrial and manufacturing machinery, healthcare gadgets, and autonomous vehicles.


Nvidia is a renowned robotics provider that enables its clients to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence thanks to its superior hardware and software capabilities.

8. Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation designs and manufactures transmission devices for material handling machinery in the People's Republic of China through its subsidiaries.


The company manufactures transmission components, including mechanical and hydraulic gearboxes and transaxles, for small and medium-sized forklift trucks used in industrial and logistics applications, such as factories, workshops, warehouses, fulfillment centers, shipyards, and seaports. Moreover, it manufactures robotic cargo carriers.


In 2006, the company was founded in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China.

9. Intuitive Surgical

The company Intuitive Surgical is a pioneer in robotic surgery. The company's da Vinci technology was introduced to the market in 2000 and spread globally. Intuitive Surgical's robots allow surgeons and their teams to execute more precise procedures, resulting in considerably improved patient outcomes and recovery times.


Even after more than two decades, Intuitive Surgical continues to grow. There is a tremendous opportunity to create other da Vinci capabilities and equipment to perform more procedures, as the vast majority of daily surgeries are performed without robotic assistance. In addition, the business model generates recurrent revenue through the sale of disposable instruments, services, and maintenance once one of Intuitive's systems has been established.


This application of robotics technology and ongoing revenue after the installation of a da Vinci robot make Intuitive Surgical one of the safest long-term investments in healthcare technology. 

10. Fanuc (FANUY)

Fanuc (OTCMKTS: FANUY) is a Japanese powerhouse in industrial robotics in the United States, China, and Japan. Its products serve various purposes, and its revenue source is diverse, with more than half of its revenue coming from its own country and China. Both markets are substantial contributors to the industrial robotics market as a whole. From 2021 to 2025, the robotics industry's operating revenue in China will be predicted to expand by an average of 20% every year.


Fanuc has been consistently profitable and has expanded its top line by an average of 8% each year over the past five years. During the same time period, its EBITDA climbed by an astonishing 11% yearly. FANUY is positioned to capitalize on the anticipated substantial expansion of its key markets over the coming years. In addition, it provides a significant dividend yield of about 2.5%.

11. Kraken Robotics 

Kraken Robotics is a penny stock in the robotics industry that provides ocean solutions for underwater conditions. In addition to having a great brand and logo, their ambition is also attractive.


It offers a variety of products, including submersible vehicles for deep-sea exploration, pressure-resistant batteries, and three-dimensional images. In addition, sonar and sonar-equipped vehicles. A substantial proportion of these is unmanned or autonomous.


RaaS (Robotics as a Service) is one of their weapons. Plus, assistance with engineering and signal processing.


In addition, Kraken has strong leadership. The CEO has created and expanded a business in the past. And he ultimately sold it for close to $50 million.


Recently, they were awarded a subsea inspection contract for over $7 million. Additionally, they have received an agreement from the Canadian government. In addition, a new Fortune 500 client was secured. Additionally, they have acquired the sub seabed imaging company PanGeo. This penny stock in the robotics industry merits investigation.

12. Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is the industrial sector's technological leader. Its technologies, components, and software enable manufacturers to construct more capable and efficient machines. Numerous economic sectors utilize Rockwell's services and equipment, including energy and chemical companies, food and beverage industries, and vehicle manufacturers.


Rockwell services industries that have been for decades no longer display secular growth. Nevertheless, as a global leader in highly profitable robotics and related IT services, Rockwell's profitability (measured by free cash flow) has continuously increased over the past decade. Rockwell might continue to profit and reward shareholders with dividend hikes and share repurchases as its industrial partners seek inventive methods to raise productivity.

Final Thoughts

Investing in robotics penny stocks is prudent if you can identify trustworthy companies. Robots are transforming our lifestyles, relationships, and even our capacity to recover from illness and injuries. They are hypothetical, but they will persist.