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Co-founded by Dr. Michael Stumm, a computer scientist, and Dr. Richard Olsen, an economist, the company was born out of the belief that the Internet and technology would open up the markets for both currency data and trading.


Jan 13, 2022 16:24

Oanda Prosperity

  • fxTrade, which is a transparent, user-friendly, low-cost and customizable currency trading platform
  • website OANDA.com providing currency information, tools, and resources for investors
  • OANDA Research and Innovation Center
  • Commodities and indices fees higher than Forex costs
  • Minimum deposit slightly higher than industry average

About Oanda


OANDA is one of the oldest forex brokers operating currently on the online currency markets. The company was established in 1996 through combined efforts of a informational technologies scientist and a financial expert who had foreseen that the internet would change global financial markets in the nearest future to evolve processes for efficiency in an electronic commerce. Oanda broker provides a wide range of services on online international financial markets. Besides trading software the broker provides up-to-date trading information, investing instruments and resources for private traders and investing companies. The company’s main office is located in New York, United States. Additionally, the broker has representative offices and sales centers in Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.