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Top1 Markets

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TOP1 Markets is a year by year award-winning community based trading platform. With us, you can discuss about all the hits on the market and share your investment experience with millions of investors all over the globe.

Diverse Community Oriented Trading Platform

Well-known investment master stationed here to reveal the fast track of trading road-to-success and provide guidence once you are onboard.

Share all your ups and downs in an investment journey with million of investors and start to form a wealthy army to explore all profit chances on markets.

Comprehensive online investment tutorial class including reading material, videos, and live-streaming instructions.

Top1 Markets

Dec 31, 2021 10:49

Top1 Markets Prosperity

  • Free access demo account
  • Competitive commission-free pricing
  • Enjoy same-day withdraw
  • Diverse leverages selection
  • Award-winning with the most fast-growing broker
  • Trending highlights hotspots
  • Multiple charting tools
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Not support MT4

About Top1 Markets


Top1 Markets is a trading service provider for online investment in Forex, commodities, stocks, indexes and other products. Investors can trade all of the common products on the international financial market with diverse leverage through our platform. We feature mobile trading apps and web trading terminals that come with extremely competitive transaction costs, also the free investment training courses and high-standard customer support environment. Investors can trade different assets such as Forex, commodities, stocks, indexes, etc and are able to seize the profit in price fluctuation.