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XRP Price Predictions: Where Will the XRP Crypto Go as Ripple Lawsuit Heats Up?

Skylar Shaw

Sep 23, 2022 14:26


On Thursday, there was a lot of talk about XRP (XRP-USD) price forecasts as Ripple's legal dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) neared its conclusion.

The legal fight between Ripple and the SEC, which has been going on for a few years, is about to come to a close. The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), a crypto advocacy organization, has joined the case, according to today's news.

The CDC has been authorized as a "friend of the court" by the Southern District of New York Court. This enables it to provide the court knowledge and experience in the areas it deals with. Investors in XRP perceive this shift as advantageous.

The SEC is requesting time to file its own supplemental papers as well after the CDC was included as a party to the lawsuit. Ripple has opposed to this, calling it a delay strategy used by the government to prolong the legal dispute.

Let's look at what analysts anticipate for XRP in the future with all of this in mind.

Price forecasts for XRP

Gov Capital's one-year price forecast of $1.0800757036695 for the token is where our coverage today begins.

Following WalletInvestor is their one-year prediction of $0.524 for the cryptocurrency.

DigitalCoinPrice's average forecast of $1 for 2023 concludes today's projections of the XRP price.

Overall, XRP's future is promising. All of the aforementioned price forecasts exceed its current market value of $0.4373. Investors should also be aware that, as of Thursday morning, the cryptocurrency is up 10.8% over the previous 24 hours.